By splitting the roles of a small in house accounts team of a client between many roles in our office, we are able to provide an accounts team for our clients that is less expensive, more efficient and just as productive.

The system works by dividing one finance role in a business between a number of roles in our office. So an in house accountant working 30 hours per week would do the same role as a data entry clerk for ten hours, an accounts assistant for five hours, a credit controller for five hours and a finance director for five hours in our office.  This will save five hours in the process.


The finance systems of our existing clients remain up and running all year round, and it is a big benefit to them that they do not need to worry about common issues that arise when employing their own staff. This includes things such as annual leave, staff leaving, or illness, all of which can cause downtime or delays in finance work.

Our track record in providing financial outsourcing for businesses turning over up to £10m has been excellent.

Depending on the size and complexity of the business the monthly cost for the whole finance function can be as low as £120 per month.