Credit control is one of the areas which is usually overlooked but is almost always an area that causes businesses problems. We have some experts in the credit control field in our team, which means we’re able to keep debtors paying on time.

Automatic software is all well and good, but some customers need the personal touch. Automatic emails from companies tend to be quite annoying, and can even possibly damage the relationship between client and company.

Regular, proactive contact with debtors means that debts don’t have a chance to become overdue. Where debtors don’t keep promises we have some great skills to bring the debts in as soon as possible, using as much pressure as is necessary.

With our credit control service means you won’t have to deal with the headache of chasing payments.

Benefits of outsourcing your credit control To PSF:

  • You will see an improvement in cash flow
  • An improvement in the amount of working capital
  • We can work in a way that suits your needs
  • We can put distance between you and your customers (it’s not easy to call customers chasing a payment whilst also trying to make a sale)
  • Adversely, if needed we can keep it confidential on a white label basis
  • Professional service – we’ll develop a relationship with your customers
  • We don’t go in ‘all guns blazing’ – we understand how important your customers are to your business
  • Debt recovery – we can take a more rigid approach when it’s needed. For example, if a customer is no longer with you or is refusing to pay
  • We will work with you to develop a plan that works for your business