20th April 2018

How to claim CIS Credits

HMRC Update on CIS Credits

In February 2018 HMRC reminded businesses that if they are owed CIS Credits for 2016/17 or earlier years these won’t automatically be set against PAYE liabilities for 2017/18.

Instead, they will have to make a claim and specify what they want done with it, for example:

  • You can choose to set them against VAT, corporation or income tax liabilities.
  • If you have no tax liabilities, you can claim a refund.

The easiest way to allocate your CIS credits or obtain a refund is online using the CIS Repayment iForm.

You should use HMRC’s iForm to allocate which tax liabilities, not just PAYE, you want them set against, or claim a refund.

Please see the HMRC website for more details.
References: https://businessdatabase.indicator-flm.co.uk/business_advice_directory/articles/cis/claiming_cis_credits/UKTATXAR_EU18110801/related