28th March 2018

Britain plans for the plastic deposit return scheme

The government’s plastic deposit return scheme is where the government wants a returnable deposit on single use containers.

This will help cut waste down and encourage recycling.

The plastic deposit return scheme is currently under review. The plastics industry have said plastic prices will need to rise in order to pay for this new system.

Germany currently has a similar scheme where they charge 22p deposit and Sweden charge an 8p deposit, and many other countries charge anywhere between these amounts.

Consumers get the money back when they return the containers. This is often done through a network of reverse vending machines, where you insert a bottle or can and the machine returns your money.

Drink makers and retailers would have to pay for the recycling network. Currently, plastics producers pay just 10% of the cost of recycling packaging. Producers will now pay the full cost of packaging reducing the burden on the taxpayer.

In the UK each year, 43% of the 13bn plastic bottles are recycled. 700,000 are littered every day.

In Germany, after their DRS was introduced in 2003, 99% of plastic bottles are recycled.

Credit: BBC and The Guardian